Collaborate to improve public safety

Investing in collaborative technology helps public safety organizations move from traditional coordination to true collaboration.

All. Together. Now.

HxGN Connect is a new SaaS collaboration workspace where organizations, cities, and regions can easily share and act on their data in a secure environment. It helps overcome common challenges by:

Bridging gaps and breaking down barriers

Enhancing performance and safety in daily operations and emergencies

Seamlessly scaling to fit your workflows

Working alongside your existing business systems

Gain an intelligent view of your transportation system with HxGN Connect
Resolve critical situations faster with HxGN Connect
Bring teams together to manage major events with HxGN Connect

A collaboration space for everyone

Bridge the gaps across organizations with shared awareness tools

Tackle day-to-day events & emergencies

Leverage coordinated action for unplanned events

Share real-time updates from systems of record

Respond quicker with accurate information from across your city

With HxGN Connect, you can responsibly and securely share your data.

Only share the data you want, with whom you want, under the conditions you set.

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